Toronto Pearson Airport Services

Internet Access 
Both International and Domestic terminals, at the Pearson Airport, have free WiFi access for all passengers. You can catch up on some work or surf the Internet at leisure by simply enabling WiFi on your device and selecting ‘Toronto Pearson WiFi’ from the list of networks. It is available across all terminals after check-in. Travelers flying First or Business class, or those who have lounge memberships, can avail of the same facility in their luxurious lounges.
Freight and Cargo
Toronto Pearson is one of the thirty airports with the highest cargo activity. With a warehouse space of 1.2 million sq ft and 240 truck loading doors, the airport is equipped to handle 1 million metric tonnes of cargo annually. It is a CAT III airport with 24 hours customs clearance.
Lost and Found
It is very easy to lose your belongings while traveling. At Toronto Pearson Airport, help is always at hand to find what belongs to you. If you forget something at any of the terminals, on the GTAA buses, the Terminal Link or the Viscount Station, simply contact Guest Services at 416-AIRPORT. Airport personnel anywhere in the airport can guide you through the process.
Religious Services
AIM, that is, Aviation Interfaith Ministry, has been with the Toronto Pearson family since 1979. It provides community and spiritual care to guests and employees at the airport. Located in Terminal 1 and 3, it is quintessentially a place to pray and have some quiet time. AIM has certified chaplains who offer counseling and distribute free devotional literature at the airport. Masses are conducted at 1 pm on weekdays, at 5 pm on Saturdays and at 10 am on Sundays.  Interdenominational Christian Workshops take place at 12 noon on weekdays and at 11 am on weekends.
Handicap Facilities and Assistance
Free wheelchairs and electric vehicles are made available if you or a loved one requires assistance in going around the airport. The airport personnel have to be intimated in advance by filling out an Airport Customer Assistance Program form. It is best to book a wheel chair at least 24 hours prior to your flight so that adequate arrangements can be made without causing you any hassle. You can also avail of porter services for extra help.

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