Toronto Airport Customs & Security

Customs check is applicable for all kinds of international travel at the Toronto Pearson Airport. In accordance with the Canadian government regulation, the traveler is asked to declare all foreign goods that are being brought into the country, for health and security reasons. The entire process is overseen and managed by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). CBSA is a multifunction agency that manages three processes – Canada Customs, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and Canada Food Inspection Services.
Travelers are required to go through customs clearance in the following instances:
  • Non-residents traveling from the US to Canada.
  • Americans who have an international connecting flight via Toronto.
  • Residents traveling from a foreign destination to Canada.
  • Residents traveling from the US to Canada.
  • Non-residents traveling to the US via Toronto.
  • Non-residents traveling to a foreign destination via Toronto.
NEXUS is border clearance process designed by the CBSA in partnership with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP),  which allows members from both countries to clear border security faster. CBSA also has a program called CANPASS that allows pre-approved travelers to get through border clearance quickly.
Most recently, Automated Border Clearance (ABC) was launched at Toronto Pearson. This initiative witnessed the installation of kiosks that can be used by Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents traveling back to Canada from an international location. A smarter way to manage clearance, a traveler is required to simply input the customs declaration card, scan the Canadian Passport or Permanent Residence card, receive a receipt in exchange and move on to collect baggage. There are 20 such kiosks  in Terminals 1 and 3 each. 

Kathyrn Al-Dara